Residue Testing NZ wishes the client (person arranging the site test) to understand and agree that:

  • The testing methods used by Residue Testing NZ are designed specifically for identification of the presence of methamphetamine residues.
  • The presence of other harmful drugs or even some of the precursor chemicals used in the manufacture of methamphetamine may not be detected by the tests performed.
  • A negative test result will show that no detectable levels of methamphetamine residues were present. An area that has been effectively cleaned or remediated may yield a negative result.
  • A positive result indicates the presence of residues but will not, without further testing, show the extent of contamination. In the event of a positive test Residue Testing NZ would recommend a full laboratory test and report to try and recommend remediation required.
  • The client undertakes to provide full safe and unimpeded access to the testing premises. Residue Testing NZ is not obligated to provide refunds if prearranged access and full permission to test has not been obtained.
  • The client takes full responsibility to obtain permission to enter, where required, and to indemnify Residue Testing NZ for any proceedings or action taken as a result of testing results obtained.
  • Reports provided and all correspondence is considered confidential between Residue Testing NZ and the client.
  • Residue Testing NZ is not responsible for passing-on any information about a test to any third party.
  • The report issued does not constitute a full expert laboratory test and as such is not intended for evidential purposes in civil proceedings or otherwise.
  • Residue Testing NZ may choose to with-hold test results until service has been paid in full.